Sales Questions

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Error Reporting

Found an error message or a feature that's not working properly?

All plans may use our Error Reporting. If you encounter an error while using Webplus Shop please contact us and we may begin error resolution as soon as possible. If available, please include the error message and URL web address you were trying to access when the error occurred.

Webplus Shop Support

Need help understanding how Webplus Shop can manage products or edit your website?

Paid plans may use our Webplus Shop Support. If you have questions about using Webplus Shop to manage your website, please contact us so we may assist you. Many questions about our Merchant Interface can be answered by clicking the Help button (upper-right), so please check there first.

Walk-Through Support

Some of our top-tier plans include Walk-Through Support via phone. Merchants using these plans may call () to receive Webplus Shop Support and ask other related questions. Our support staff is generally available Monday - Friday, 9am - 7pm Central Time.