So you want to open an online store, where do you start? Opening an online store is easier and more affordable than you think. With Webplus Shop you can open an online store for your business to sell almost anything online 24x7 in a matter of minutes. The software is easy to use, the sites are securely hosted on US-based servers and it is affordable with no percent of sale fees to eat into your bottom line. Webplus Shop will sell anything from cookies to sailboats and can also act as a showcase website for larger ticket items or services. Opening an online store is as simple as 5 easy steps:

  1. Sign up for a hosting package. Follow the link below to get things started. With Webplus Shop there are no contracts when you open an online store. You may cancel anytime so there is really nothing to lose (contrary, you are missing out on sales by NOT opening an online store).
  2. Set up your store or have us do it. Our easy to use software allows you to customize your new online store with many preset layouts, colors, etc. with no programming knowledge required. Simply input your store info, payment methods, shipping charges, etc. and you are one step closer to opening your online store. Or, if you prefer, have our ecommerce website specialists do it for you for a minimal charge.
  3. Input your products. Enter pictures and descriptions of your products which will be what customers see when browsing your store. You can change/add products any time you like once you open an online store from any web connection. If you choose to have us set up your store, we'll input your products for you.
  4. Pick a domain name. This will be the address of your online store on the web, such as We can assist you in getting picking this name and is less than $10 (included if you have us do your store setup).
  5. Promote your online store. Your online store is now open! Now, just as in a brick-and-mortar store, it's time to get folks to visit your online store. You can get traffic from countless ways from word of mouth, t-shirts, printed ads, online ads, etc. It is also very important to be visible to the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. so people can find your store when they are searching. Webplus Shop has built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features which help you do this. We also offer consulting and traffic services for those who are really looking for their new online store to take off.

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